UWRA would like to express our sincere appreciation to the UWRA Endowment Fund Contributors including the 71 Founding Members of the Fund. Your support of UWRA’s efforts has allowed us to increase our impact by broadening and strengthening our mission – thank you!

To date Endowment monies have supported our retirement initiative, online mentoring collaboration with United Worldwide, new product development such as this website, and staff training. All of which would not have been possible within our annual budget. The Endowment is the best way to ensure UWRA will continue to grow programs. Please refer to the UWRA Endowment Q and A document for additional information or contact the UWRA office.

Named Funds

When contributions reach $10,000+ from individuals, families and nonprofit organizations there is the option of creating a named fund within the UWRA Endowment. To date UWRA has three named funds:

  • UWRA EndowmentDick and Mary Lu Aft Fund
  • UWRA Endowment - Alan and Selma Cooper Fund
  • UWRA Endowment - Tom and Carol Brown Fund

UWRA Endowment Memorial Contributions

A listing of those honored with Memorial Contributions: UWRA Memorial Wall

UWRA Endowment Contributors - after the Founding period

Bold Italics - represents Legacy Circle Members (i.e., Gift of $1,000 plus)

  • Dan and Kathleen Dunne
  • Ralph and Mary Anne Gregory
  • Sharon G. Hamilton
  • Mike and Barbara Hughes
  • David Lee
  • Michael J. McLarney
  • Carl Zapora

UWRA Endowment Founders (2 anonymous contributors)

  • Dick & Mary Lu Aft
  • Stephen Beer
  • Eugene & Lois Berres
  • Brian & Mary Bowden
  • Eleanor L. Brilliant
  • Tom & Carol Brown
  • Irene H. Burnett
  • Joseph & Mary Calabrese
  • Viney Polite Chandler
  • Chelsey I. Cochran
  • James Colville
  • Alan & Selma Cooper
  • Leo & Mary Ellen Cornelius
  • Merle & Jack Costello
  • Martin B. Covitz
  • Donald D. & W. Rebecca Custis
  • Wayne R. Davis
  • Charles & Ruth Devine
  • Pat Gobble Fekete
  • Toni Lanford Ferguson
  • Anthony & Diane Folcarelli
  • Mary-Elizabeth Ford
  • Brian A. Gallagher
  • John Garber
  • Elizabeth & Tom Gower
  • Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Guise, Jr.
  • Joe Haggerty
  • Charles E. Heiden
  • Dorothea Heiden
  • Winifred Helton
  • Mack & Sarah Hixon
  • Bernard & Patricia Hyman
  • Beth Ferri Knowles
  • Tom Laing
  • H. Allen Larsen
  • Irving & Helenann Lauber
  • Myron & Charlotte Liner
  • William S. Link
  • Dan MacDonald
  • Janet (Obeid) Macidull
  • W. Leon Matthews
  • Connie & John McCormick
  • Henry Monaco
  • Ted Moore
  • Don & Rita Morgan
  • Jannet C. Morgan
  • Dennis J. Murphy
  • Mark & Mitzi O’Connell
  • Sunshine J. Overkamp
  • George J. Pfeiffer
  • Wanda B. & Rodney S. Phibbs
  • George & Gretchen Rice
  • Vito Rigillo (in memorium)
  • Juliet Coles Rowland
  • Mary & Don Sanders
  • William A. Schaeffler
  • William Schwanekamp
  • Patricia & Brian Smith
  • Ron & Rose Spillane
  • Russy D. Sumariwalla
  • Alice S. Thacker
  • Mike & Guy Thompson Families Fund
  • Raymond Unk
  • Thomas T. Vais
  • Joseph W. Valentine
  • Larry Walton
  • Lyanne L. Wassermann
  • George Wilkinson
  • Henry Zimmer

If you have not yet contributed to the UWRA Endowment Fund please give it consideration. For further information on the UWRA Endowment please do not hesitate to contact UWRA President & CEO, Tricia Smith (800-892-2757, ext 624; tricia.smith@uww.unitedway.org). You can give a gift at anytime to the UWRA Endowment Fund by sending it to the UWRA Endowment Fund, 701 North Fairfax Street, Alexandria, VA 22314 or by making an online donation at our secure website.  To make an online donation please Click here for options.