United Way Support is crucial

How can local and state United Ways help? 

UWRA is supported in large part through the generosity of local and state United Ways through an annual giving campaign.  Please click here for a list of the 2017 United Way supporters of UWRA.
Giving to the United Way Retirees Association is a wonderful example of System Citizenship. UWRA may or may not be directly helping your United Way this year or next but we will be assisting local United Ways throughout the country as well as assisting the people who helped make the system what it is today.   Please Click here for the TOP 10 REASONS to SUPPORT UWRA.
An investment in the future of UWRA helps to insure that this organization continues to be an active part of the total United Way network and a benefit to current/future retirees/alumni.

Contribute to the UWRA annual giving campaign:

PLEDGE NOW - CLICK HERE to pledge to the UWRA annual campaign.

DONATE NOW BY CREDIT CARD or ACH/Online Banking Transfer - You can donate a gift right now with a credit card or online banking transfer on our secure site. Please Click Here.

MAIL A DONATION - Print the UWRA Organizational Pledge Card, complete it and mail along with pledge/check to:

United Way Retirees Association
701 North Fairfax Street
Alexandria, VA 22314


Join the Gold Standard United Ways:

Sponsor alumni/retirees’ dues ($25) in UWRA, or at a minimum their first year.  This way more people can get to know about us, become exposed to what we do and choose to join our efforts.  Keeping that connection to colleagues and United Way is the number one reason United Way alums join UWRA – help foster this connection by sponsorship. 

As Rob Reifsnyder noted in his letter when reaching out to United Way of Greater Cincinnati retirees, “We hope that you will find the many benefits of this membership valuable…. You devoted many years of your career to UWGC and the United Way system. With access to the UWRA, we hope to provide you with the resources that will help you stay connected to United Way and continue to enjoy retirement.”

Help get the word out about UWRA to your staff and retirees/alumni

Post UWRA’s website link www.UWRA.org on your internal United Way website and mention UWRA at exit interviews. We have recently rebuilt this website around the Give, Advocate, and Volunteer theme in a concerted effort to more effectively communicate our work - please pass it along. Keep your retirees/alumni involved and engaged with each other and in the United Way mission.