United Way History




Global Vision and Local Action: The History of United Way International

by Dick & Mary Lu Aft

United Way International was incorporated in 1974 and later joined forces with United Way of America in 2009 to become United Way Worldwide. During those thirty-five years, United Way International involved the leadership of nearly one hundred board members and six chief executive officers that responded to calls for help, convened World Congresses and World Assemblies at which affiliates shared the things that they did most successfullydispatched volunteer mentors, trainers, and consultants who, on their own time and often at their own expense, have reached around the world to share the skills and values. 




Grassroots Initiatives: Shape an International Movement

by Dick & Mary Lu Aft  

The knowledge, techniques, and processes that define United Way were developed by small groups of people who sought to improve conditions in their communities and countries. Their idea and actions showed to be successful and helped to start community wide fund-raising to meet the needs of numerous non-profit organizations. The idea of combining social planning and federated fund-raising developed and this idea spread quickly. Using these roots, United way has served their communities and countries by adapting to periods of social change and improving the quality of life of people in need. 



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