United Way Alumni Share Wisdom

United Way is accelerating work around creating a Learning and Leading Organization in Collective Community impact through SPARK POWER:   that’s the power of Sharing Practices, Actions, Resources and Knowledge across the United Way network.  As part of this effort UWRA contributed to making a value added knowledge product, for United Way CEO’s, focused on United Way seasoned professionals sharing lessons learned, reflections and aspirations through a forward looking lens around ways to advance the new United Way business model.  


As United Way continues down the path of transformation, retaining and leveraging institutional knowledge is an important part of the journey.  We are excited that we have been able to capture a few wisdoms that United Way CEOs gained in their path to improve lives in their community and their recipe for transforming their United Way in the path to community impact.  Please feel free to write in and share your wisdoms with us – we would love to expand on the project and include your insights.  



Voices of Experience, Voices of Trust from United Way Worldwide on Vimeo.


Many thanks to UWRA Board Members (Pat Gobble Fekete, Mike Hughes, Mike McLarney, Lovell Mosely and Nancy Perry)  and Rosemary Rein (United Way Worldwide Director of Learning and Knowledge) who worked together to begin development of this learning product geared to retaining and leveraging institutional knowledge.