1. UNITED WAY IS THE BEST INVESTMENT IN LOCAL COMMUNITIES AND UWRA LENDS SUPPORT TO LOCAL UNITED WAYS TO HELP ADVANCE THEIR MISSION.   UWRA provides programs that strengthen local UWs in the areas of endowment & planned giving, mentoring, community impact, interim assistance, and disaster relief.

2. UWRA HAS THE EXPERIENCE, MISSION, AND SCOPE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  UWRA, a national organization composed of current and former United Way staff, represents years of knowledge, experience and expertise directly related to United Way operations.    
3. WHEN YOU REACH OUT A HAND TO ONE, YOU INFLUENCE THE CONDITION OF ALL.  UWRA may not be helping your United Way in the upcoming year but your support allows UWRA to assist other LUWs and is one of the best examples of system citizenship.  You also never know when you may be in need of assistance.  
4. ADDITIONAL RESOURCES HELP LOCAL UNITED WAYS ADVANCE THE COMMON GOOD.   To date $3 million plus dollars has been added to the United Way system through UWRA volunteers assisting LUWs develop or strengthen Endowment and Planned Giving programs.  
5. THE UNITED WAY NETWORK IS WHAT IT IS BECAUSE OF THE PEOPLE THAT CAME BEFORE YOU.  UWRA is the only organization geared to UW retirees/alumni – we are about recognizing, supporting and utilizing the talents of the people who made the UW network what it is today.  Your support is one way to honor and value those who have served and continue to seek ways to serve the movement.  
6. UWRA ENGAGES UNITED WAY VOLUNTEERS.  Many of our members spent the majority of their working life with UW, are invested in the UW mission and want to give back as volunteers.  Your support helps funnel their expertise back into the network.  
7. UWRA PLAYS A LEADERSHIP ROLE IN PRESERVING UNITED WAY HISTORY.  By examining our history we can discover paths to follow.  UWRA is committed to preserving the history of the United Way system (locally, nationally and internationally) through publications (e.g., Grassroots Initiatives Shape an International Movement, the History of the United Way Movement Since 1876; Global Vision and Local Action, the History of United Way International), history banner, videos, website narratives, and posters.  
8. UWRA IS AN ADVOCATE FOR UW EMPLOYEES IN THE AREA OF RETIREMENT PLANNING.  As we strive to bring financial stability to the community we need to look in-house also.  Who better to bring this initiative for better retirement planning to the UW field than your UW retired colleagues?  UWRA is committed to developing programs aimed at both pre-retirees and retirees and is engaged on a Webinar curriculum to assist all ages in planning for retirement.  
9. UWRA PROVIDES AN EXTRA SET OF HANDS IN A RESOURCE CHALLENGED ENVIRONMENT.  UWRA has been instrumental in creating practical resources for the field such as the Quickstart Guide for New UW Executives, Mentoring Guidelines, It’s Never Too Early or Too Late to Plan for your Retirement & Choosing a Financial Advisor.
10. UWRA IS ONE OF THE BEST WAYS TO STAY CONNECTED WITH UNITED WAY.   UWRA provides access to resources such as UWOnline (UWRA is the only way former UW staff have access) and forums for members to express their issues and concerns and stay in touch with each other and the United Way network - through the UWRA listserv and website (, quarterly publication (UPDATES), annual gatherings, Webinars, and UWRAConnect Facebook group.