Services for Local United Ways



Making A Difference: Those who served are still serving…

Making Connections:  Communication…connection…camaraderie


Some of the Ways the UWRA Service Corps assists United Ways....

  • Mentoring/Coaching United Way staff
  • Endowment and Planned Giving assistance to local United Ways
  • Information to assist in engaging the boomers/retirees in your community
  • Interim staff assistance
  • Retirement Planning Information
  • Leadership in the preservation of United Way history

UWRA utilizes the experience and expertise of members to support current and former staff, and local and state United Way organizations.  Read more...


Would you or someone in your organization benefit from coaching?

The UWRA program provides a mechanism of support to help develop and retain talent in local United Ways.  Seasoned United Way professionals (with a thorough understanding of a United Way organization and non-profit management) can be matched with United Way staff members who desire a supportive, experienced advisor.

In 2016 UWRA launched a Mentoring initiative in partnership with the United Way Worldwide Talent team, presenting an opportunity for new CEOs to tap into the rich experience of the UWRA volunteer base.  UWRA mentors provide a valuable dimension of support to complement to the on-boarding resources and tools available from UWW.

Contact the UWRA office for more information.  Click Here to read the article on page 1 of the 4th Updates Issue of 2014 to see one example of the value add: an interim assignment transitioning into an organzatioanal mentor/coach arrangement.  


Is your United Way trying to figure out how to get an Endowment and Planned Giving Program (EPG) off the ground or strengthening an existing program?  

The UWRA EPG program is aimed at increasing the number of United Way organizations with viable planned giving programs.  UWRA assitance has included conference presentations, Webinars, and mentoring to numerous UWs including help around developing the local case. UWRA resources also include a Role-Playing Video Series, geared to helping United Way staff and volunteers with donor conversations, supported by a $2,000 IBM Community Service Grant.  UWRA member content developers/actors in these videos collectively have approximately 175 years of United Way experience. 

Significant benefits to the United Way include: 1) access to years of experience within United Way that each UWRA volunteer brings to the table; and 2) considerable cost savings gained using a program facilitated by experienced volunteers versus an outside consulting firm (i.e., volunteer’s time is pro bono).

Need Ideas around engaging Boomers/Retirees in your Community?

Advancing the United Way network’s engagement of the boomer/retiree market segment has been an issue area of focus for UWRA.  Resources include Conference presentations, Webinars, and a document posted on UWOnline which presents many ideas for retaining retirees as donors, advocates, & volunteers with links to local United Way work.  The initiative is supported by a 2017 IBM Community Grant. 

Is your United Way in need of Interim Assistance?

United Ways sometimes find themselves in need of temporary extra assistance or in need of interim help due to a sudden vacated position or health circumstances. UWRA members have served in numerous United Way interim positions nationwide and are able to assume these positions with no learning curve.  United Ways can post interim opportunities on the UWRA listserv and reach an experienced database of former United Way staff.  This has proven to be a successful approach and a wonderful opportunity for United Ways to reach out to people that have expertise and experience in the United Way system.  While many of the services that UWRA offers the United Way system are powered by volunteers that donate their time; Interim positions often last several months and as such are a stipend/expense arrangement.  In addition to providing experienced interim assistance, UWRA members have also offered considerable help to United Ways in the search process for open positions and in some cases training new employees.  If interested please contact the UWRA office.   Sample testimonies: 

When a Metro I was in immediate need of an interim CFO, UWRA helped fill the position in a day by posting the opportunity on the UWRA listserv which reaches over 500 experienced United Way people.   This service considerably helped the United Way and provided a fulfilling experience for the interim:

Comment by Chuck Anderson, President and CEO, United Way of Palm Beach County, Boynton Beach, FL
At the time of our CFO transition I was very concerned about making sure there was as much continuity of operations as possible in our finance department. The UWRA sent us a terrific interim CFO - Sharon Hamilton. Sharon was just what we needed during this transition - an experienced United Way pro who understood our unique volunteer and staff culture and a sharp financial pro with outstanding financial acumen. She immediately became a valued part of our leadership team and inspired confidence through all her actions. In addition she helped smooth the transition to her successor. I would highly recommend Sharon to any United Way going through a similar transition. They would be most fortunate to have her services if she were to be available. I am most grateful to Sharon and to the UWRA for their valuable assistance in our time of transition. 
Comment by Sharon G. Hamilton, Interim CFO
Serving in this capacity was a great experience, …it let me reconnect with a local United Way on a professional level by getting back into the day to day work that goes on; was a way to keep up with the changes that are taking place in the field; gave me the opportunity to meet and make friends with colleagues in the field; gave me an opportunity to explore other areas of the country;   and finally, and most important for me, it allowed me to help give back to the organization in which I spent my working career.   I look forward to having other opportunities to serve in this capacity and thank the UWRA for helping facilitate this program. 


When a Metro III was in immediate need of an interim CEO, UWRA helped fill the position by posting the opportunity on the UWRA listserv which reaches over 500 experienced United Way people. 

Comment by Beth Green, Chair Board of Directors, United Way of Manatee County, Bradenton FL 

I am pleased to inform you that hiring an Interim President was the staffing bridge we needed to stabilize our United Way, during the executive search process for a new President. I appreciate the prompt assistance you (UWRA) provided alerting the membership of the United Way Retirees Association about our temporary need. 

Mike Hughes became our Interim President in mid-March and will finish at the end of May. It has been a very productive experience. He stabilized the organization as requested, and began the 2012 Campaign planning process along with some new approaches that should raise more donations in the fall. The executive hiring process was completed successfully. Our new President will be in place in a few weeks. 
On behalf of the leadership of United Way of Manatee County, I am grateful to you for coordinating the effort that brought an experienced United Way executive from the ranks of the UWRA to sustain the high level performance our community has come to expect from our United Way.” 

Would you like information to assist in the arena of Retirement Planning?  

UWRA created and distributed practical retirement planning materials (Choosing a Financial Advisor and It’s Never to Early or Too Late to Plan for your RETIREMENT) which were provided in early 2008 to all UWRA members and over 1,200 local United Way organizations for each of their 20,000 employees.  This website also includes helpful retirement planning and social security links;  and based on UWRA’s continuing work in this area the organization launched a Webinar series dealing with hot button retirement planning topics.  

Would you like to find out more about the rich history of United Way? 

UWRA has provided leadership in the preservation of the history of the United Way network (locally, nationally and internationally) through publications (e.g., Grassroots Initiatives Shape an International Movement and Global Vision and Local Action), history banner, posters, guidance on archived materials in preperation for the opening of the Mary M. Gates Learning Center, and leveraging institutional knowledge (UW alumni share wisdom in video).