Making a Difference: Those who served are still serving…

Making Connections:  Communication…connection…camaraderie

Some of the Offerings for Individual Members....

  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Notifications of Paid United Way Interim Positions
  • Forums to stay connected
  • Retirement Planning Information
  • Discount Benefit Products
  • Free Prescription Drug Cards
  • A Charitable Gift Annuity Program
  • Discounts on Cars - Ford & Chrysler


Benefits of Individual Membership Include…

  • Volunteer opportunities through the UWRA SERVICE CORPS which leverage our members experience and expertise to assist the United Way network
  • United Way interim positions - notification and opportunity to apply
  • Forums to express concerns and stay in touch with each other and the United Way network including:

--UWRA listserv and website

--United Way Online (only way former UW staff have access)*

--UPDATES: UWRA Quarterly Newsletter

--Regional Gatherings


--UWRAConnect Facebook

--Support of local Affinity Groups - e.g., United Way of the Bay Area Retirees and Alumni Association



  • Access to Discount Products at Group Rates (to get more information about the benefit programs listed below available to UWRA members please Click here or print this FLYER):

--Dental Plan: A program offered with group rates.

--Legal Plan: A free will and reduced fees for various legal matters.

--Long Term Care Insurance Plan: Coverage provided for Home Care, Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Facilities.

--Medicare Supplement Plan: A Medigap program offered with group rates.

--Hearing Plan: The EPIC Hearing Service Plan provides easy access to hearing health professionals – primarily physicians and audiologists – who can help you achieve your maximum hearing potential throughout your life.

--Vision Plan: A Vision Plan offered with group rates.

--VPI Pet Insurance Plan: Discounts provided to Pet Owners.  Call 877-738-7874 and indicate you are a UWRA Member.

--Electronic Care Giver Plan: Protects you at home and away.


  • Free Discount Prescription Drug Card  - Outlook card sent to all Members and you may click here to download a UWRA FamilyWize Card.  Outlook and the FamilyWize Prescription Drug Discount Card enables individuals to receive discounted pricing on prescription drugs. They can offer immediate savings on prescription drugs at participating pharmacies for people who have no health insurance, during deductible periods and for prescription medicine not covered by health insurance, Medicare and other benefit plans. This is not insurance, nor is it intended to replace insurance. To read more about FamilyWize please Click Here.  
  • A Charitable Gift Annuity program providing a means to receive attractive annuity payments and leave a lasting legacy to UWRA through the UWRA Endowment Fund.   Benefits of a gift annuity include a charitable deduction, tax savings and bypass of capital gains tax for appreciated property.  Please Click here for FAQ
  • United Way Car Discounts (available for all current and former United Way staff)

The Ford Motor Company’s Partner Recognition Program

Ford Motor Company offers United Way employees and United Way’s a discount on new vehicles.  To learn more about the program, please visit and enter our discount code as BK73K. This will allow you to search vehicles and obtain a pin number to take to your favorite Ford/Lincoln dealer. 

The Chrysler Affiliate Rewards Program

This program makes you eligible for the Preferred Price (1% below factory invoice) on the purchase or lease of most new Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicles. Here’s how to participate:

o Visit or call (888) 444-4321 for your Control Number.  The United Way Company Code is D80015.

o Take you Control Number, along with identification (same as mentioned for Ford) to any participating U.S. Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep dealership.

o Ask for a copy of the vehicle invoice, and you’ll see the Preferred Price clearly stated.


* Some of the links posted on the UWRA website go to UWOnline and access is restricted to United Way current staff and UWRA Members.  If you are a UWRA Member and not registered yet for UWOnline please click on the registration link and complete the application form:  Register for UWOnline.  Once your membership in UWRA is confirmed, you will receive information from United Way Worldwide (acceptance subject to approval by UWW) authorizing your new account.   You will then receive a daily breakfast email and have access to UWOnline.