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UWRA Retirement Planning Effort

Repeated surveys of our membership found that a concerted program of retirement planning would have helped them tremendously in their retirement years. Therefore, in 2006, UWRA in concert with United Way Worldwide's (then United Way of America) national initiative, the United Way Financial Stability Partnership, launched a retirement planning effort to raise awareness in the United Way network to plan for retirement.  UWRA is not only advocating for the importance of retirement planning but also working on programs to help United Way staff plan better for their retirement years. Who better to bring this initiative for better retirement planning to the United Way field than your United Way retired colleagues?  


UWRA Can Help - Publications, Resources and Webinars...

Encourage and empower United Way staff (current and former) to take the initiative in planning for their retirement and to view it as a lifelong effort.  

This is the goal behind UWRA’s retirement initiative which is geared to imparting knowledge, lessons learned and assistance that will trigger advance retirement planning activities.  Planning successfully for retirement has become more complex, given the changing retirement landscape combined with market volatility and uncertainties surrounding Social Security and health care.  For these reasons, the UWRA Board has placed a very high priority on this comprehensive and multi-faceted program.

UWRA Publications 

In 2008 UWRA prepared two booklets, Choosing a Financial Advisor and It’s Never Too Early or Too Late to Plan for your RETIREMENT, which were provided free of charge to over 1200 local United Way organizations for each of their 20,000 employees and to all UWRA members. This effort was made possible by UWRA endowment income.
PDF versions of these publications may be accessed by clicking below and hard copies are available by contacting the UWRA office.  

Please note some social security changes have been made since this publication.  To receive full social security retirement benefits you must be "normal retirement age" (NRA) which varies age 65 to age 67 by year of birth.  Please click here to calculate your NRA.


Webinar Series

Based on UWRA’s continuing work in this area (i.e., research and input from community committees, AARP, United Way Human Resource professionals, and United Way retirees) and with the endorsement from the United Way National Professional Council; UWRA is offering other retirement planning tools geared to helping United Way staff and retirees such as a Webinar series aimed at providing practical information on some of the issues that have surfaced. 

In addition to the two publications and helpful resources, UWRA initiated the series of webinars in 2011, which are dedicated to issues around retirement planning and living in retirement.  To complement these webinars and fill a perceived unmet need, UWRA continues to explore additional ways to help others negotiate the journey to retirement.


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