Impact Areas - UWRA's Value Add


Our work is best reflected in our mission:  enrich the lives of current and future United Way retirees/alumni by helping them stay connected and by using their skills and talents to assist United Ways in serving their communities. 
Our success would not be possible without the caring people who have chosen to LIVE UNITED with us.  We could not provide the level of support that we do for retirees/alumni and local United Ways without the help of our members, our sponsors and our volunteers who freely give their time to help advance the common good.  
More than a slogan, LIVE UNITED is a declaration and an invitation to give, advocate and volunteer in the areas of education, income and health.  For UWRA this means our commitment to improving the lives of United Way retirees and using their skills to help strengthen communities served by United Way.  UNITED we can truly accomplish more.  

Impact Areas

To assist the United Way system advance the common good in the issue areas of health, income and education and provide services to our members; UWRA has concentrated on the following impact areas.  
• Better quality retirement
• Leadership and skill development in Local United Ways
• Adding resources (fiscal and volunteer) to the United Way network
• Strengthening the United Way retiree support network and services
The United Way Retirees Association membership includes individuals that have retired from any United Way position, active United Way staff, and alumni with significant career experience with United Way. Our Membership represents a lot of experience and expertise and our goal is to use those assets to help the United Way network and each other. Our volunteers are freely giving their time because they truly believe in United Way’s mission and want to help as an extension of their career.  Through strengthening local United Ways, the retiree/alumni network and the staff support system; UWRA is a valuable resource that is helping make progress toward the 10 year goals in education, income and health.