Gold Standard United Ways


UWRA's Gold Standard United Ways

United Way of Greater Rochester has a long history of sponsoring UWRA membership dues for their former staff, and a growing number of other United Ways have joined the effort – thank you!! Click here to read why the United Way of Rochester makes this investment for their retirees. 

UWRA’s Gold Standard United Ways – helping United Way alumni stay connected!

United Way Worldwide - Alexandria, VA

AFL-CIO Community Services - Alexandria, VA

United Way of Central Alabama - Birmingham, AL

United Way of the Bay Area - San Francisco, CA

United Way of Central Indiana - Indianapolis, IN

United Way of Greater Lafayette & Tippecanoe County - Lafayette, IN

United Way of the Bluegrass - Lexington, KY

Metro United Way, Inc. - Louisville, KY

United Way of Acadiana - Lafayette, LA

United Way of Southeast Louisiana - New Orleans, LA

United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley - Boston, MA

Greater Twin Cities United Way - Minneapolis, MN

United Way of Greater St Louis - St Louis, MO

United Way of Lincoln & Lancaster County - Lincoln, NE

United Way of Tompkins County - Ithaca, NY 

United Way of Greater Rochester - Rochester, NY

United Way of Greater Cincinnati - Cincinnati, OH

United Way of Greater Cleveland - Cleveland, OH

United Way of Greater Toledo - Toledo, OH

United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey, Philadelphia, PA

Trident United Way - North Charleston, SC

United Way of Southern Cameron County - Brownsville, TX

United Way of Tarrant County - Fort Worth TX

United Way of Greater Milwaukee - Milwaukee, WI


We so appreciate gifts from United Ways to our annual campaign as they help sustain and grow our programs.   In addition to a contribution to UWRA’s annual campaign, there are two targeted areas where United Ways can lend a hand in keeping staff involved and engaged with each other and the United Way mission:   

  • Post UWRA’s website link on internal United Way websites and mention UWRA at exit interviews.  We have recently rebuilt this website around the Give, Advocate, and Volunteer theme in a concerted effort to more effectively communicate our work - please pass it along.
  • Join the Gold Standard United Ways above by sponsoring alumni/retirees’ dues ($25) in UWRA, or at a minimum their first year.  This way more people can get to know about us, become exposed to what we do and choose to join our efforts.  Keeping that connection to colleagues and United Way is the number one reason United Way alums join UWRA – help foster this connection by sponsorship. 

As Rob Reifsnyder noted in his letter when reaching out to United Way of Greater Cincinnati retirees, “We hope that you will find the many benefits of this membership valuable…. You devoted many years of your career to UWGC and the United Way system. With access to the UWRA, we hope to provide you with the resources that will help you stay connected to United Way and continue to enjoy retirement.”

Letting future and current alumni/retirees know about our services not only benefits individuals but taps additional volunteers who funnel their knowledge and expertise back into the United Way system. 

Those who served are still servingFor instance, when a Metro I was in immediate need of an interim CFO we filled the position in a day by posting the opportunity on our listserv which reaches over 500 experienced United Way people….we are committed through publications and Webinars to better preparing staff for their retirement years…. when a smaller United Way needed guidance in establishing an endowment & planned giving program we lent a hand … we were instrumental in helping launch an online mentoring resource for the United Way network…. created a new section in the Quickstart Guide for New UW Executives on how to manage the first few months on the job… and through displays and books we help keep the United rich history alive so we can learn from where we have been.  These are just a few of the examples of how our dedicated Service Corps continues to serve the movement – your efforts can help us expand our membership/volunteers.  

Together, we can make communities a better place for people to live and work. Thank you all for your support!