UWRA Mission: To enrich the lives of current and future United Way retirees/alumni by helping them stay connected and  by using their skills and talents to assist United Ways in serving their communities. 


FOCUS: To execute on our mission we focus on:

  • Inviting – inviting United Way staff to stay connected and involved
  • Connecting – connecting members to each other, resources, and volunteer/interim opportunities 
  • Committing – committing to making a difference, transmitting knowledge and mobilizing our unique resources (i.e., the experience and expertise of UWRA members) for change
  • Partnering - partnering to insure a vital system of support for current and future retirees/alumni and the network of United Ways. 

PURPOSE: To guide our work we concentrate on providing the following:

  • Opportunities to maintain and enhance relationships (e.g., newsletter, gatherings, listserv, etc.)
  • Programs that transmit knowledge to future generations (e.g., endowment & planned giving assistance, retirement information, etc.)

  • Opportunities for members to continue to serve the needs of the United Way network (e.g., mentoring/coaching, interim assistance)

  • Service to members, as appropriate (e.g., discount programs, webinars)

  • Leadership in the preservation of the history and traditions of the United Way network (e.g., publications, posters, banner)

PRIORITIES: To execute in a targeted manner on our purposes we place precedence on the following areas:

  • Communication/Connection Opportunities - Newsletter, Gatherings, Listserv, Website, Social Media, etc.
  • Retirement Planning Initiative
  • Endowment & Planned Giving Assistance to local United Ways
  • Mentoring/Coaching United Way staff
  • Interim Staff Assistance
  • Leadership in the Preservation of United Way history