Donate to the UWRA Endowment Fund


How to Contribute to the UWRA Endowment 

To date Endowment monies have supported our retirement initiative, online mentoring collaboration with United Worldwide, new product development such as this website, and staff training. All of which would not have been possible within our annual budget.  The Endowment is the best way to ensure UWRA will continue to grow programs.  Please click here to see a list of our Endowment Founders and here to view all of our Endowment Contributors.  
If you have not yet contributed to the UWRA Endowment Fund please give it consideration. Have questions? Please review the UWRA Endowment Q and A document. There are many different ways to contribute - please click her for a Gift Table displaying various options; and here for information on UWRA's Charitable Gift Annuity Program.  
For further information on the UWRA Endowment please do not hesitate to contact UWRA President & CEO, Tricia Smith (800-892-2757, ext 624; You can give a gift at anytime to the UWRA Endowment Fund by sending it to the UWRA Endowment Fund, United Way Retirees Association, 701 North Fairfax Street, Alexandria, VA 22314 or by making an online donation at our secure website.  To make an online UWRA Endowment Fund donation please Click Here.