Donate to the UWRA Endowment

The Impact of UWRA Endowment Giving!

The Endowment furthers the mission of UWRA by providing long-term growth and stability not possible from other sources so that the organization can be more impactful.

To date Endowment monies have supported our retirement initiative, a mentoring collaboration with United Way Worldwide, new product development such as this website, and staff training. All of which would not have been possible within our annual budget.  The Endowment is the best way to ensure UWRA will continue to grow programs.  Please click here to see a list of our Endowment Founders and all of our Endowment Contributors who have helped, through their gifts, ensure a vital system of support for the United Way family.   
Ways to Give: There are a number of ways people can contribute to the UWRA Endowment Fund such as Outright Gifts (cash, stock, real estate, securities, and other property), Bequests (gifts made through a will or living trust), and Life Income Gifts (these gifts provide donors or a beneficiary named by the donor with an income for a specfied period).
Memorial Gifts: Honoring a Colleague, Friend, or Family member through a contribution in their memory to the UWRA Endowmnet, where gifts are permently recorded, is another way of caring. Memorial Gifts are a special way to honor someone who has passed away; and by supporting UWRA, these gifts ensure a legacy for the deceased that extends far into the future.  If you wish to designate the UWRA Endowment Fund as one of the places people can contribute to in your memory, please remember to notify your family of this desire.  Please click here for the UWRA Memory Wall listing.  

More Information on Endowment Giving:

If you have not yet contributed to the UWRA Endowment Fund please give it consideration. Have questions? Please review the UWRA Endowment Q and A document. There are many different ways to contribute - please click her for a Gift Table displaying various options; and here for information on UWRA's Charitable Gift Annuity Program.  
For further information on the UWRA Endowment please do not hesitate to contact UWRA President & CEO, Tricia Smith (800-892-2757, ext 624;
You can give a gift at anytime to the UWRA Endowment Fund by:
  1. Sending a check to the UWRA Endowment Fund, United Way Retirees Association, 701 North Fairfax Street, Alexandria, VA 22314 or by making an online donation:  
  2. DONATE NOW TO THE UWRA ENDOWMENT BY CREDIT CARD or ACH/Online Banking Transfer - to go to our secure site please Click Here. 
  3. Through an IRA Rollover Distribution.  Please Click Here for information.