Making A Difference:  Those who served are still serving…

Making Connections: Communication...connection...camaraderie...


  • Mentoring/Coaching - a program providing a mechanism of support to help develop and retain talent.
Effort has included: Over the years UWRA has assisted nearly 100 United Way staff with mentoring needs.  In 2016 UWRA launched a Mentoring initiative in partnership with the United Way Worldwide Talent team, presenting an opportunity for new CEOs to tap into the rich experience of the UWRA volunteer base.  UWRA mentors provide a valuable dimension of support to complement to the on-boarding resources and tools available from UWW.
  • Endowment and Planned Giving (EPG) assistance to local United Waysa program aimed at increasing the number of UW organizations with viable EPG programs; and responsible for adding over 3 million in expectancies to the United Way network. 
Effort has included: On-site informational programs serving 120 UWs and 235 participants, conference presentations, Webinars, Videos, and mentoring to numerous UWs including an on-site case development process serving 14 UWs to date. In 2016 UWRA launched a Role-Playing Video Series, geared to helping United Way staff and volunteers with donor conversations, supported by a $2,000 IBM Community Service Grant.  UWRA member content developers/actors in these videos collectively have approximately 175 years of United Way experience!
  • Engaging the Boomer/Retiree Market Segment - advancing the United Way network’s engagement of the boomer/retiree market segment has been an issue area of focus for UWRA. 
Effort has included: Conference presentations, Webinars, and a document posted on UWOnline which presents many ideas for retaining retirees as donors, advocates, & volunteers with links to local United Way work.
  • Interim Assistance - a program providing a mechanism for local United Ways to immediately post interim opportunities reaching a database of people with expertise and experience in the United Way network. 
Effort has included: UWRA members have served in numerous United Way interim positions nationwide and have been able to assume these positions with no learning curve.  Testimonies available: www.UWRA.org.
  • Retirement planning initiativededicated to issues around retirement planning and living in retirement and geared to encouraging and empowering United Way current and former staff to take responsibility for planning for their retirement and to view it as a lifelong effort.
Effort has included: Two Publications (sent to all United Ways and UWRA members), Webinar series (6 to date which have included contributions from 5 local United Ways and United Way Worldwide), Website Resources, and a $5,000 in IBM Community Service Grant monies to assist others successfully navigate the journey to retirement.
  • Preservation of United Way history - UWRA has provided leadership in the preservation of the history of the United Way network.
Effort has included: Publications (local, national and international level), history banner, posters, website narratives, and guidance on archived materials. Also a value added video product for UW CEO’s developed in cooperation with the UWW Learning Team, and focused on UW seasoned professionals sharing lessons learned, reflections and aspirations through a forward looking lens around ways to advance the new UW business model.
  • Advocacy - UWRA provides support and member engagement on United Way network wide advocacy efforts.
Effort has included:  Encouraging member advocacy around issues such as the 2-1-1 helpline and preservation of the charitable income deduction, in addition to encouraging members to sign up for the UWW eNewsletter and check with their local United Ways to assist local initiatives. 
  • Connections - UWRA works in various ways to preserve and strengthen connections – a continued connection with the United Way mission and colleagues, and support of the work are key reasons people join UWRA.
Effort has included:  Quarterly newsletter reaching all UWRA members and UWs, two annual gatherings, a member listserv for the posting/exchange of information, external website highlighting the organization’s efforts and services, UWRAConnect Facebook Group, support to local affinity groups, and access to United Way Online which includes a Retiree and Alumni Group – a valuable tool that helps keep United Way alumni connected to the activities, direction and mission of United Way.