Brian Gallagher (President & CEO United Way Worldwide) Endorsement of UWRA

The United Way Retirees Association (UWRA), founded in 1989 was organized to provide for the service and benefit of its members who are current or former United Way employees and for the benefit of the United Way system. In 2000 UWRA entered into a funding and relationship agreement with United Way of America (now known as United Way Worldwide) receiving substantial financial and in-kind support. As stated in this agreement, “UWRA was established to recognize, respect and utilize the talents of United Way retirees. In furthering the goals of UWA, UWRA will promote the continued involvement of United Way retirees in volunteer charitable service throughout the United Way system. It will also develop and provide educational programs that are consistent with its charitable purposes and meaningful to the UWRA membership. UWA applauds the efforts of UWRA and looks forward to further developing a mutually beneficial relationship.” 
Since the original letter of under¬standing, UWRA has made significant strides advocating for current and retired staff and adding value to the United Way system due to the continued support (i.e., volunteer and fiscal) of the United Way community, both past and present. Also as agreed upon and facilitated by United Way of America, in 2001 UWRA became a 501 (c) 3 organization governed by a volunteer board operating under its own bylaws and policies.
Therefore, to recognize the collaborative work that has taken place since UWRA's inception and to set forth the terms and conditions of the evolving relationship and the continuing obligations of each party, UWRA and UWW signed an updated letter of understanding at the April 30, 2010 Board Meeting. The goal of this updated partnership agreement is to establish an even more cohesive, stronger, productive partnership relationship with United Way Worldwide and local and statewide United Way organizations.
In support of this collaborative relationship, Brian Gallagher (President & CEO United Way Worldwide) wrote an Endorsement Letter for UWRA to be circulated to the United Way community.  Please click here for Brian Gallagher’s Endorsement Letter.