Annual Report

 Message to the United Way Community

 To LIVE UNITED means that we are willing to be part of something bigger than ourselves. It means we are willing to invest in our friends, neighbors, and community.  As we know first hand United Way is a mechanism to increase the organized capacity of people to care for one another and unite to solve problems; and UWRA is a resource to expand and enhance this mission of service.  As we strive as an organization to serve both current and future retirees and to use the talents and experience of our members to assist in advancing the United Way mission, the generous support of the United Way community acknowledged in our annual reports has been integral to our success. UNITED we can truly accomplish more.  


2016 UWRA Annual Report and Flyer on 2016 UWRA Accomplishments

2015 UWRA Annual Report and Flyer on 2015 UWRA Accomplishments

2014 UWRA Annual Report and Flyer on 2014 UWRA Accomplishments

2013 UWRA Annual Report and Flyer on 2013 UWRA Accomplishments

2012 UWRA Annual Report and Flyer on 2012 UWRA Accomplishments

2011 UWRA Annual Report 

2010 UWRA Annual Report

Whether through making a donation, volunteering your time or spreading the word about the resources and assistance available through the UWRA you are making a difference in the sustainability of our organization and increasing the level of assistance we can provide to United Way staff, retirees and local communities. So please remember, as articulated in Brian Gallagher's UWRA endorsement letter, “as you work to advance the common good in your communities there is a resource you should not overlook; our United Way Retirees Association (UWRA).”

These past couple of years we have all been faced with the prospect of belt tightening, while at the same time needs have been escalating due to the economic challenges facing our society.  Despite challenging times our supporters have demonstrated extraordinary generosity both with their money and their time.  GIVE, ADVOCATE, and VOLUNTEER  - nothing new for the people in this association – through your careers and beyond you have been focused on building stronger, healthier communities.  People are the greatest asset of any organization and we thank you for your continued dedication to your United Way Retirees Association. As we look forward, we recognize our supporters have high expectations and we pledge to be responsive to the challenges and responsible with the trust you have placed in us.