Mentor a United Way staff person

UWRA has provided mentoring services since 2001 and UWRA volunteers have mentored aproximately 100 United Way staff.The UWRA program provides a mechanism of support to help develop and retain talent in local United Ways.  Seasoned United Way professionals (with a thorough understanding of a United Way organization and non-profit management) can be partnered on an “as needed” basis with United Way staff members who desire a supportive, experienced advisor. If a staff member at a local United Way has a need for counseling on aspects related to non-profit management, United Ways are instructed to send this request to UWRA with a short explanation of the potential assignment.  UWRA will seek an experienced advisor by posting these “as needed” requests on the UWRA listserv* and by keeping United Way Worldwide and the State Associations in the loop to see if there is the potential for help/suggestions from these resources.  UWRA also has a small amount of grant money to assist with on-site visits if determined beneficial to the relationship.  


*  To keep up to date on volunteer mentoring and interim paid opportunties make sure you are subscribed to the UWRA listerv.  Contact the UWRA office if you are a UWRA member and would like to be added to the list.  


* Also please note that some of the links posted on the UWRA website go to UWOnline and access is restricted to United Way current staff and UWRA Members.  If you are a UWRA Member and not registered yet for UWOnline please click on the registration link and complete the application form:  Register for UWOnline.  Once your membership in UWRA is confirmed, you will receive information from United Way Worldwide (acceptance subject to approval by UWW) authorizing your new account.   You will then receive a daily breakfast email and have access to UWOnline


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